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DexCook'un Devrim Yaratan Teknolojisi ile Mutfak Deneyiminizi Yükseltin

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İndüksiyonla Pişirmenin Gücünün Kilidini Açın

DexCook, ocak yüzeyi yerine doğrudan pişirme kabını ısıtmak için elektromanyetik enerjiyi kullanır. Bu, hızlı ve hassas ısıtma sağlayarak daha verimli pişirme ve sıcaklık üzerinde daha fazla kontrol sağlar.

Geleneksel ocakları ortadan kaldıran ürünlerimiz, kullanılabilir tezgah alanını maksimuma çıkarırken kesintisiz ve düzenli bir pişirme ortamı yaratır.

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Görünmez bir indüksiyonlu ocağı temsil eden simge

Uygulamada Verimlilik

DexCook'un enerji tasarruflu indüksiyon teknolojisiyle daha hızlı pişirme sürelerini ve daha tutarlı sonuçları deneyimleyin. Eşit olmayan ısıtmaya elveda ve her seferinde mükemmel pişmiş yemeklere merhaba deyin.

İster tutkulu bir ev aşçısı ister profesyonel bir şef olun, DexCook benzersiz ihtiyaçlarınıza ve stil tercihlerinize uyacak şekilde özelleştirilebilir seçenekler sunar. Hayalinizdeki pişirme alanını yaratmak için çeşitli yüzey kaplamaları, boyutlar ve konfigürasyonlar arasından seçim yapın.

Özellik setimize göz atın

Pişirme Deneyiminizi Güvenlik ve Verimlilikle Yükseltin

Overheat indicator icon for safety

User-Friendly Design

DexCook cooktops feature a classic, simple touch screen interface for easy operation, transport, and installation. Every detail is meticulously designed for maximum functionality, making DexCook stoves the lightest on the market at 11.3 kg/m2.

Overheat indicator icon for safety

Mobile App & IoT

DexCook offers innovative accessories such as a charging dock for smartphones and a smart mobile application, allowing you to control your kitchen appliances remotely for added convenience.

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Time-saving Efficiency

DexCook induction cooktops are equipped with boost functions designed for efficient heating to reach desired temperatures quickly, saving you up to 40% more time than traditional stoves.

Overheat indicator icon for safety

Child Safety Lock

DexCook induction cooktops guarantee maximum safety for little hands.

The Child Safety Lock feature prevents children from activating the cooking surface with a simple touch of a button.

Overheat indicator icon for safety

Slide Control

DexCook cooktops' sliding control panels enable quick and precise temperature adjustments. Simply slide your finger on the LED screen to adjust the heat level with ease.

Overheat indicator icon for safety

Environmentally Friendly

DexCook cooktops are flameless, emitting zero CO2 emissions, making them environmentally friendly.

Overheat indicator icon for safety

Triple Ring Zone

Expand your cooking area with DexCook cooktops' triple ring zone, allowing you to prepare multiple dishes or use larger pans with freedom.

Overheat indicator icon for safety

Automatic Safety Shutdown

Enjoy peace of mind with DexCook's automatic safety shutdown feature.

If forgotten or left unattended for a specified duration, the cook zones automatically shut down, ensuring safety.

Overheat indicator icon for safety

Pan Sensor

DexCook induction cooktops feature a pan sensor that recognizes the size of the cookware and adjusts the cooking zone accordingly.
If the pan is removed, the control panel indicator will flash until the pan is detected.

Overheat indicator icon for safety

Easy to Clean

DexCook cooktops feature a smooth, ergonomic, antibacterial flat cooking surface. They don't overheat like other electric stoves, preventing food from burning and inhibiting the growth of bacteria, making cleaning a breeze.

Overheat indicator icon for safety

9-Level Power Options

DexCook cooktops boast a sleek, ergonomic, flat cooking surface.

Unlike traditional electric stoves, they don't overheat, preventing food from burning and making cleaning super easy.

Overheat indicator icon for safety

Overheat Indicator for Safety

DexCook induction cooktops prioritize safety with an overheat indicator feature, preventing accidental burns.

When the display shows an "H," it signals that the surface is hot, cautioning against touch.

Sıkça Sorulan Sorular

DexCook teknolojisi, kurulumu ve işlevselliği hakkında sık sorulan soruların yanıtlarını alın.

  • How can I know where the burners are?
    Our latest DexCook models are outfitted with a state-of-the-art sensor-detector system, seamlessly integrated within the unit. On request, this system can include a laser marking directly on the surface to pinpoint precise cooking locations. Designed for intuitive use, this innovative feature alerts you with both sound and visual indicators on the control panel when your cookware is correctly positioned.
  • What materials can I use with DexCook?
    At DexCook, we utilize our exclusively manufactured stone materials, designed to meet the highest standards of quality and durability. Our bespoke materials are engineered to offer exceptional resistance to scratches, UV exposure, stains, shocks, and thermal changes. This ensures that your DexCook surfaces remain pristine and functional under all cooking conditions, enhancing both the beauty and longevity of your kitchen.
  • Do I need special cooking vessels?
    Compatible Cookware: There are many pots and pans on the market of induction quality, but the most compatible ones for DexCook are fully clad stainless steel and thick magnetic bottom pans. Incompatible Cookware: Aluminum, pure copper, or glass cookware will not work unless they have a layer with magnetic properties underneath. Many manufacturers have started adding a magnetic layer to these types of pots and pans; however, it may be very thin and take longer to heat up compared to a high-quality induction pan. Note: Cast iron pans are induction-compatible, but due to their metal content, they heat up excessively and reflect a large amount of heat over time, which may not be good for your countertop. DexCook does not recommend using such cookware. Compatibility Test: To determine if a pot or pan is compatible with your induction cooktop, hold a magnet underneath it. - If the magnet sticks to the bottom, the cookware will work on the induction cooktop. - If the magnet grabs the pan gently, you may not achieve good results with it on the cooktop. - If there is no attraction on the magnet, it does not contain the correct metals and will not produce heat. Note: Many manufacturers have started putting an "induction compatible" symbol on the bottom of cookware or adding a compatibility note to the packaging. The symbol usually looks like a horizontal coil.
  • Can I directly order this product and do my own installation?
    Yes, you can easily order your DexCook product online using our Dex builder (configurator). If you're experienced with installations and feel confident in your abilities, you may choose to install the product yourself. However, we highly recommend enlisting the help of experts to ensure the installation is handled safely and effectively.
  • Does the unit require any special electrical requirements?
    We can supply built-in cooktops according to your electrical infrastructure, ranging from 380V to 220V. All units must be plugged in and should not be hardwired.
  • Does the surface of the countertop heat up while cooking?
    While cooking with your DexCook, the surface of the countertop may become warm over time due to the heat transferred from the cookware. However, it does not get hot enough to cause first or second-degree burns. The materials used in our countertops are designed to handle this warmth without posing a threat to the surface integrity or safety. You can cook with confidence knowing that your countertop remains safe and damage-free, even under frequent use. For near to zero heat, we recommend to use our rubber underlayer.
  • How long is the duration of my DexCook product?
    DexCook is committed to delivering unparalleled quality and durability. We offer a comprehensive 5-year warranty on all our products. Our stone surfaces are rigorously tested under the toughest conditions to ensure they withstand years of normal usage. In the rare event of a malfunction, we provide a prompt replacement of the induction stoves at no cost to you. Within 48 hours of reporting an issue, we will replace the faulty stove and conduct a thorough analysis to determine the cause. If the malfunction is due to a manufacturing error, there will be no charge for the replacement. Our warranty and responsive service ensure your DexCook experience is seamless and satisfying.

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